Soul Care

Real-world, affordable, and convenient problem-solving to help you deal with stress, worry, sadness, especially anxiety, stress, COVID-19 worries, church & ministry-related wounds, grief, aging issues, and end-of-life needs.

No diagnosis to interfere with your insurance or medical record. You aren’t looking for a label, right? You just want help, happiness, and a better quality of life! Practical solutions and problem-solving to help you find peace. And if you are wanting to stay out of the doctor’s office or hospital for this stuff, we can do our best to help you do that, too.

RN Medical Opinion & Advice

McCarty Body & Soul Care can help when you or your loved ones:

~ have medical questions or concerns and need advice from a seasoned healthcare professional

~ are unsure about a diagnosis and need help figuring out next steps or treatment

~ are in the hospital or doctor’s office and want a nurse in the room with you (virtually) to ask questions and help make sense of the medical jargon

~ need help finding a local prescribing provider who specializes in your condition

Body Care

McCarty Body & Soul Care provides online/telehealth consulting services for an affordable, cash pay rate to help you find peace in your body and soul.

These services can include coaching to help with aging loved ones, contracted on-call emergency telehealth for end-of-life, assessment for your illness to help you know if you need to go to the doctor or not, as well as dietary, exercise, and medication education.

About Jeff

Jeff McCarty, MSNc, MMin, BSN, RN

Jeff holds two ministry degrees, the highest of those being a Master’s degree focused on Soul Care and Counseling. Besides also holding three degrees in nursing, Jeff is pursuing a Master’s degree in Nursing with a focus as a Nurse Practitioner.  In the healthcare realm, Jeff has a special interest in helping those struggling in their emotions and spiritual lives, memory care, aging issues, and end-of-life care.  Besides his work with McCarty Body & Soul Care, he currently works as a hospice nurse. Jeff plans to complete his board certification as an Advanced Practice Nurse in 2023.

Recently my nephew Greg was diagnosed with end stage cirrhosis of the liver. Even though my sister could see this coming, to actually have the diagnosis and life expectancy was devastating. There was no hope and unfortunately not much help to know and understand what to do next! I reached out to Jeff McCarty and his help was invaluable. He advised my sister on THE TRUTH of the situation and offered step by step instructions on the choices that were before her to help her son. Jeff also was inspirational to give scriptural guidance and prayed with my sister and my nephew. For Greg there was no more hope to live but with Jeff’s help there was comfort, guidance and help to know what to do when there is no hope. I highly recommend Jeff McCarty and Mind and Soul Care when you need comfort and guidance in the most difficult of times.

Cindy W.